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The most important thing about ordering a pair of shoes is to deliver its’ detailed description. It is possible to choose from the designs already available in the gallery, changing the colors, shapes and the height of the heels.


It is crucial to measure both feet precisely.


Here is an example how to properly draw an outline of your feet:


  1. Holding a pencil vertically, draw an outline of both feet on separate sheets of paper.
  2. Then measure the foot length( in cm) and it’s girths in places presented below:
  1. Foot length.
  2. Foot girth.
  3. Insept girth.
  4. Heel girth.
  5. Ankle girth (in case of ordering higher footwear).

Please, send the above measures via post, e-mail or the below questionnaire.


After discussing all details I will specify the manufacturing time and after having received a set deposit I will proceed to perform the order.


Please, send all questions and details concerning the order via e-mail.


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